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Pavecon Mississippi has been delivering exceptional asphalt and concrete paving services to Pearl, Mississippi for many years. With over 25 years experience, Pavecon has become a top paving contractor in Mississippi. We offer a broad range of services related to asphalt and concrete paving. Whether you are looking for parking lot paving or a similar pothole repair job, Pavecon Mississippi is the paving company for you. Give us a call today to learn more!

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Pearl, Mississippi

Pearl is located in Rankin County, Mississippi. It sits on the eastern side of the Pearl River, and is directly across from Jackson, the capital of Mississippi. It is considered to be a part of the Jackson Metropolitan Statistical Area and has an approximate population of 25,000 residents. The city itself is continuing to grow, and currently is the 13th largest city in Mississippi in regard to population.

Pearl was founded in 1865 but was not officially incorporated into a city until 1973. After the Civil War, much of the area was developed for agricultural purposes and left little room for metropolitan development. However, in the mid 1900’s, as Jackson, Mississippi grew, Pearl grew as well. Much of the development of the capital spanned the Pearl River and led to the development of the city of Pearl. Further urban development can be attributed to the increase in transportation as the Jackson-Evers International Airport was constructed.

The first community meeting for incorporation took place on September 16, 1968, and took nearly 5 years before the June 5, 1973 Mississippi Supreme Court ruling allowed Pearl to proceed with its incorporation.

Pearl is home to one of a few professional sports teams. The Mississippi Braves, a AA minor league baseball affiliate of the Atlanta Braves play their games at Trustmark park in Pearl, Mississippi. The M-Braves games have been a very popular destination for residents of Pearl and the surrounding areas.

Pearl is home to a number of recreational facilities for residents and visitors of the region to enjoy. Some of the most popular locations include the Center City Complex, Pearl Activity Center, Old Library Walking Trail, Henry F. Shepherd Field Walking Trail, and the Pearl Municipal Golf Course.


Read About A Recent Parking Lot Asphalt Maintenance  Project in Pearl!

Local Pearl Facility Needs Asphalt Maintenance

Our crew at Pavecon Mississippi recently received a quote request from a local religious facility that was looking for asphalt maintenance in Pearl. The client who contacted us was in need of parking lot sealing. In response to the request we learned that the organization had recently been in the market for a new paving contractor. They explained they had spoke with a number of asphalt companies but had been referred to us. We told them we would be happy to visit the job site and provide them with a detailed quote.

When one of our paving professionals arrived to evaluate the parking lot surface, he was pleasantly surprised with the overall condition of the asphalt. The asphalt surface had been maintained quite well and was showing only minimal signs of deterioration. After completing the examination of the asphalt parking lot, we concluded that sealcoating would be their best option. We provided the client with a quote and he was very happy that the sealing was under budget and that the work could be completed within a short time frame. 

Our team arrived the following week in order to begin the parking lot maintenance in Pearl. The job scope consisted of sealing the entire parking lot and striping it to the desire of the client. We also wanted to make sure that we handled all of the logistics properly, so that guests of the organization were not inconvenienced. We sealed half the parking lot while leaving the other half open on the first day, and repeated the process for the other side on day two. By the time we had finished sealcoating, the parking lot looked great. We finished the job by striping the lot to provide safe accessibility to the guests and patrons of the organization. They were very pleased with the asphalt maintenance work that we had performed and thanked us for our professionalism.