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Pavecon Mississippi is proud to be one of the top asphalt companies in Mississippi, and a premier paving contractor serving Clinton, Mississippi and its residents. For 25 years, Pavecon has made it our objective to provide the residents of Mississippi with top of the line paving services. From concrete to asphalt, we offer a comprehensive list of paving services. Whatever your needs may be, Pavecon Mississippi is the paving company that you can rely on. Make sure to contact us today for a free quote!

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Clinton, Mississippi

Clinton is located within Hinds County, Mississippi and is a part of the Jackson Metropolitan area. In terms of population, Clinton is the tenth largest city in the state and has a population of approximately 25,000 residents.

The city of Clinton has a very rich American history. It was first founded in 1823 and incorporated as a city in 1824. Clinton was first known as Mount Salus, meaning “Mountain of Health.” Mount Salus came from the home of Walter Leake, who was the third governor of Mississippi. In 1828, the city’s name was officially changed to Clinton to honor DeWitt Clinton, who headed the completion of the Erie Canal. Clinton acted as a main transportation hub for the export of cotton in the 1800’s. The Clinton-Vicksburg Railroad is one of the oldest railroads in the state.

Clinton is also home to Mississippi College, a prominent Christian university in the area. It is the oldest college in the state, originally founded on January 24, 1826. It was formerly known as Hampstead Academy. Mississippi College is the second oldest Baptist university in the world and the first coeducational college in the United States to grant a degree to a woman. Clinton is also home to Hillman College, which was founded in 1853 as Central Female Institute.

The city is home to a number of interesting historical facts. Clinton is the smallest city to ever be the home of a fortune 500 company. It hosted the headquarters of Worldcom from the 1990’s until 2002.


Learn About a Recent Parking Lot Paving Job in Clinton!

Parking Lot Paving for Longtime Clinton Client

Our team was recently contacted by a longtime client of ours. The client is a local property manager who was looking for asphalt paving in Clinton. The property manager explained to us that his apartment complex was working on exterior renovations and part of the renovation project included repaving the asphalt parking lot. We were happy to hear from him, as we had worked with this property manager on a number of prior occasions.  We knew the job site well and the amount of work likely needed to complete the job. We scheduled to visit the complex later in the week to provide an in depth evaluation of the parking lot.

Upon arrival, we were quickly able to see the need for parking lot paving. The asphalt surface was deteriorating and brittle. Luckily, due to consistent asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair work, the parking lot would only need an asphalt overlay. An asphalt overlay is one of the most basic forms of asphalt paving and includes removing the top layer of asphalt, and replacing it with a new fresh layer. As opposed to rip out and replace, or new parking lot installation, an asphalt overlay is a much less intensive asphalt paving project.

Our crew arrived early in the following week in order to begin the parking lot paving in Clinton. They began by milling the parking lot and removing the top layer of bituminous paving. After removal was complete, a fresh layer of asphalt was laid upon the base layer. This allowed the base layer to remain protected, and the parking lot to be refreshed. The new asphalt layer provided structural integrity to the parking lot, and gave it an updated aesthetic. The apartment complex had a brand new feel with the new asphalt surface. The property manager was very pleased with the work that was performed and the finished product that was delivered. He thanked us for our time and dedication to the asphalt paving job.