Asphalt Overlay

Choose Pavecon’s Asphalt Overlay Services

Our asphalt overlay service is quick and effective. This type of asphalt paving is cost-effective and fixes surface level issues your asphalt may have. For years, Pavecon has been a top paving contractor serving businesses in the Jackson, Mississippi area. Our overlay service will restore your parking lots surface to new. Contact us today with any of your asphalt paving needs in Jackson, Mississippi or the surrounding areas.

When is An Asphalt Overlay Needed and What is Involved

There are a few important steps:

First, is the asphalt assessment. Our experts evaluate and examine your asphalt surface. We aim to make sure we provide the best service possible. If we see severe pothole/crack damage or bad drainage the asphalt will need to be removed or regraded.

Next, we mill the asphalt. We remove the top couple of inches from the pavement surface. Generally, the asphalt milling machine removes anywhere from 1-3 inches. This will expose the base layer of the pavement.

In many cases, potholes, pavement sinking, and other forms of more severe damage will need base repair. It is important to address this to ensure that we will not need to repair the base after the new blacktop has been laid.

Finally, after the necessary steps have been performed to prepare the asphalt surface, the new paving can be completed. This creates a newly restored asphalt surface that functions and feels like new.

Pavecon Mississippi is proud to be one of the leading paving companies serving Jackson and the surrounding areas. If you are in need of asphalt paving, or another asphalt service, make sure to contact us today at (601) 371-9948.